Keep Cool This Summer, Try Hydrotherapy

pool-physioExercising in the pool is a fun group activity and it keeps you cool in the hot summer! The pool offers resistance, buoyancy, traction and more!
Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy aids the rehabilitation process in injuries and stroke, and it improves respiratory infections. Hydrotherapy is also known to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritis and other rheumatologic conditions. In addition, hydrotherapy reduces the effects of stress by increasing endorphin production, improves sleep, and prevents headaches. Hydrotherapy increases circulation. Hydrotherapy also increases the body’s production of endogenous opioid peptides, particularly endorphins. Enhanced circulation and increased endorphins strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, heal injured tissue and improve well-being.

Effectiveness of aquatic exercise for musculoskeletal conditions: a meta-analysis. Barker Al, Talevski J, Morello RT, Brand CA, Rahmann AE, Urquhart DM. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehab 2015 Sep, 95(9):1776-1786.

Ross Rehabilitation offers weekly Hydrotherapy classes at the YWCA on Ottawa Street. (YWCA, 52 Ottawa St. N., Hamilton, ON)
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