Community Gym Exercise Programs

Helping make the transition from physiotherapy to independent exercise smooth and safe is important. In-clinic, you will work with our physiotherapists directly to develop an appropriate exercise program based on your injuries and goals. When transitioning to a community gym, Ross Rehabilitation offers one-on-one sessions with trained kinesiologists and rehabilitation therapists to assist you in applying your learned program to the community setting. We work in a team approach, with full communication between yourself, your physiotherapist, and your kinesiologist when undergoing this transition, to ensure it is safe and effective.

If you are new to exercise or uncertain as to where to begin, we would be happy to assist you with the transition to a gym, group exercise class or self-motivated exercise program.

Hydrotherapy Pool Programs


Hydrotherapy uses the principles of water to allow exercises to be performed that may not be permitted on land. Increased buoyancy and decreased gravitational force results in less stress on weight bearing joints such as the knees, hips, and back, and promote increased mobility. The aim of our hydrotherapy program is to give patients freedom of movement while learning how to acquire proper body mechanics, increased range of motion, strength, coordination, re-introduction of weight-bearing and cardiovascular endurance in a controlled environment.

Ross Rehabilitation offers one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with our kinesiologists, who have taken The Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. (CALA) Foundations of Vertical Water Training Course. This comprehensive course includes the essential tools necessary to design and lead safe, effective, holistic water based group classes and one to one sessions geared to a variety of people with a diversity of health conditions from healthy to post rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy sessions are specifically designed for you and your injuries, and can be done in conjunction with your physiotherapy or gym exercise program.

Please contact the clinic to discuss the program you are looking for, and to book an initial assessment with the physiotherapist.

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