OT Catastrophic Assessments

Ross Rehabilitation has been involved in Catastrophic Assessment since its inception in Ontario. Over the years we have conducted hundreds of catastrophic assessments. Our Occupational Therapy Catastrophic Assessment Service is specifically designed for evaluation and rating of functional impairment according to the Glasgow Outcome Scale for clients with ABI, and according to the AMA Guides for clients with mental and behavioural impairment.

Our occupational therapists have both the expertise and the resources, including our Situational Assessment Centre, required to produce highly credible, defensible OT Catastrophic Assessment Reports. We have been considered experts in this field by the judicial system and our expert testimony has been influential in arbitration decisions. Our assessments are respected by our medical and psychological colleagues, whom carefully consider the data arising from our assessments to inform their own expert opinions.

Strong assessments will precisely measure what they set out to measure. Our expert occupational therapists have a deep understanding of marked impairment due to a mental and behavioural disorder, both according to the AMA Guides, and according to case law in Ontario. Through innovation, experience, and reflection, we have designed an assessment that truly tests for marked impairment due to a mental or behavioural disorder.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our expertise and assessment methodology.


We are committed to measuring function over an adequate period of time and in all relevant environments to produce a defensible OT Catastrophic Assessment Report. Please contact us directly to obtain a quote for your case.