We offer in-home physiotherapy services to our motor vehicle accident (MVA) patients because we understand that some conditions or injuries can make it difficult to receive rehabilitation at our clinic. We provide our in-home physiotherapy patients with the same high-quality therapy that they would receive in-clinic, and also instruct them on how to utilize their home environment to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Our team of home care physiotherapists have advanced training in specialized fields, including orthopedic, neurological, vestibular, and cancer physiotherapy.

Our in-home physiotherapy services are provided by highly skilled physiotherapists who also maintain clinic hours. Consequently, you may be able to graduate to seeing them in-clinic if you wish, an option that can be more cost-effective than receiving therapy at home.

We currently offer in-home physiotherapy services across Hamilton including Burlington and surrounding areas. If you or your client requires in-home physiotherapy, please contact the clinic at 905-777-9838 to arrange for an assessment.