Physiotherapy plays an important role in recovery from orthopaedic operations, including hip and knee replacements, rotator cuff repair and spinal surgery.

Pre-operative physiotherapy includes baseline examination of pain, function and strength, along with range of motion and strength training. Pre-operative treatment enables a faster and easier recovery from many orthopaedic surgeries, and helps you to develop an exercise regime making post-operative physiotherapy more successful.

Post-operatively, physiotherapy plays a role in managing pain, regaining range of motion, introducing strength training, and assisting with exercise progression throughout the rehabilitation process. Physiotherapists will also assist you in returning to independence and a more active lifestyle.

Our Registered Physiotherapists are capable and will work with your surgeon to coordinate your recovery.  If you are undergoing a surgical joint replacement, surgical revision, or a surgery which will affect your mobility or functional ability, please contact our clinic at 905-777-9838 and let us assist your recovery and return to your daily life.