Ross Rehabilitation Presents in Anatomy 101 Hosted by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society

The Ross Rehabilitation team presented in the recent Anatomy 101 held by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society on September 22, 2016. The session focused on concussion education, and Ross Rehabilitation presented on First Assessment by Physiotherapy.

The session included education on the various aspects of a physiotherapy assessment including vision, vestibular, autonomic, neurocognitive, and orthopaedic. Near Point Convergence and Vestibular-Ocular Reflex testing was demonstrated, which gave participants an opportunity to see and experience testing that concussion patients undergo.

logo_mainpage_webWe would like to thank the Hamilton Medical Legal Society for having us, and look forward to further collaborative education of concussion rehabilitation in the Hamilton community! If you would like to see further events being held by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society, please visit