Now Offering Chronic Pain Management Program

Ross Rehabilitation now offers a Chronic Pain Management Program. Our Chronic Pain Education Program runs for four weeks, with the small group sessions being led by a Registered Physiotherapist and a Registered Occupational Therapist.

chronic-painContent includes:
  • physiology of the nervous system including a focus on nociception/pain pathways
  • nervous system sensitization (peripheral and central)
  • “Hurt vs Harm” (i.e. explanation of the poor causal relationship between tissue damage and pain)
  • graded activity exposure
  • relaxation and mindfulness techniques and physiological rationale
  • the role of stress in perpetuating a pain state
  • self-talk
  • activity-planning
  • proper sleep hygiene
The goal of this interdisciplinary education-based program is to:
  1. Provide patients with a sound knowledge and understanding of nature, mechanisms and neurophysiology of chronic pain.
  2. Educate patients to become aware of chronic pain management techniques and provide them with resources that they can pursue in more depth post-program, as required, with their treating therapist and/or other resources.

Strong evidence supports the use of a chronic pain education program for treatment of pain and dysfunction in the chronic pain population.


If you are interested in more information regarding Ross Rehabilitation’s Chronic Pain Education Program, please contact Maria Ross at or call (905) 777- 9838.