April 12 Hamilton Concussion Support Group: The Use and Benefit of Essential Oils with Management of Concussion Symptoms

April 12, 2018 – 6:00-7:30 PM
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Bitner
Topic: The Use and Benefit of Essential Oils with Management of Concussion Symptoms

Ms. Jennifer Bitner is a proud ambassador for positive mental wellness. She is a Corporate Wellness Trainer, Coach & Speaker, TV Personality on Healthy Minds and Educator with dōTERRA®.

Ms. Bitner has had a passion for learning about the human mind and discovering the “why” behind our pattern making for many years. This passion further developed as she trekked through her own decade long journey dealing with severe anxiety and panic attacks, which inspired her to start My Mind Fitness in 2012. What started as a blog website on the importance of positive mental health and her personal journey, is now a platform for transforming the lives of others starting their own Mind Fitness journey.

These interests and more have led her to become an educator on natural health alternatives and explore the opportunities available to us to restore the balance between our minds, bodies and spirit. Educational development includes:  Natural Health Educator (Essential Oils), Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) Reiki Practitioner (Canadian Reiki Association) and ArōmaTouch Technique Certified.

To register or request additional information, please contact Karly Doehring (Physiotherapy Practice Leader) at karly@rossrehab.com or (905) 777-9838 ext. 113.

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