Rowan’s Law Passed!

logo-purpleOntario is now the first province in Canada to have legislation related to concussion and concussion awareness thanks to the passing of Rowan’s Law, an act to govern the management of youth concussion in all sports. Supported and passed by all parties and levels of government, an advisory committee will be established to aid in implementing inquest recommendations for improving education and awareness across Ontario.

Rowan Stringer was 17 years old when she died after suffering what proved to be a fatal head injury sustained during a high school rugby game in 2013. An inquest found she had been playing through multiple concussion the week prior to her death. It was determined that she suffered from Second Impact Syndrome – a rare condition that can ensue when a second concussion is sustained before the brain has had the opportunity to heal from the first concussion, causing rapid, severe, and often fatal brain swelling. A coroner’s inquest into Rowan’s death concludes with 49 recommendations for enhanced concussion awareness and treatment. These include:

  • Ensuring child is removed from play if a concussion is suspected and does not return without medical clearance.
  • Making concussion awareness mandatory in Ontario’s curriculum.
  • The promotion of an annual Brain Day awareness campaign.
  • Better tools for coaches and players to identify and treat concussions.
  • Concussion policies in place for sports organizations and school boards across Ontario.

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