Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy Services

Our Physiotherapy clinical team consists of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants experienced in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions, vestibular disorders and concussions. Our treatment is evidence-based and patient-centred. All of our clinicians have advanced training in their respective areas of clinical interest and dedicate many hours to progressing their clinical skills.

Physiotherapy Services include:

Our physiotherapy team is comprised of the following experienced clinicians:


Cheryl Wylie, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Practice Leader

Jennifer Huber, Physiotherapist

Brian Oderkirk, Physiotherapist

Wanda Banach, Physiotherapist Assistant

Gwyn Baxter, Physiotherapist Assistant

Initial assessments usually last 30-60 minutes with follow up appointments lasting 20-30 minutes depending on the nature of the injury or painful condition. Vestibular and Concussion assessments take 60 minutes, with follow up appointments lasting 30-45 minutes.

We accept new patients under WSIB, auto-insurance and extended health benefits. Please call us at (905) 777-9838 to make an appointment or to speak with a member of the clinical team about your health concern.