Ross Rehab at the Hamilton Brain Injury Association’s 10th Annual Fundraising Dinner

HBIA 2016 DinnerRoss Rehab will be a Decoration Sponsor for the upcoming Hamilton Brain Injury Association’s 10th Annual Fundraising Dinner on November 17, 2016.

All proceeds for the event go towards funding HBIA’s support services and recreational activities for acute brain injury survivors and their caregivers and spouses.

For more information on this event, or if you would like to register, please visit the HBIA event website.

Group Hydrotherapy Class has MOVED!

pool-physioRoss Rehabilitation’s group hydrotherapy class is now being offered at Dalewood Recreational Center! This newly renovated pool is home to our weekly group classes running every Wednesday from 1:15-2:15pm.

Hydrotherapy uses the principles of water and buoyancy to allow increased movement than may be permitted on land. Due to less gravitational force, there is less stress on weight bearing joints such as the hips and knees, and less stress on our spine. The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduction in muscle spasms
  • Increased joint range of motion
  • Strengthening of weakened muscles
  • Increased circulation
  • Improvement of balance and coordination

If you are interested in participating in our group hydrotherapy class, contact Cheryl Wylie, Physiotherapy Clinic Practice Leader, at 905-777-9838 or

Ross Rehabilitation Group Hydrotherapy Class
Location: Dalewood Recreational Center, 1150 Main St. W. Hamilton, ON L8S 1C2
Time: Every Wednesday 1:15-2:15pm

Ross Rehabilitation Presents in Anatomy 101 Hosted by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society

The Ross Rehabilitation team presented in the recent Anatomy 101 held by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society on September 22, 2016. The session focused on concussion education, and Ross Rehabilitation presented on First Assessment by Physiotherapy.

The session included education on the various aspects of a physiotherapy assessment including vision, vestibular, autonomic, neurocognitive, and orthopaedic. Near Point Convergence and Vestibular-Ocular Reflex testing was demonstrated, which gave participants an opportunity to see and experience testing that concussion patients undergo.

logo_mainpage_webWe would like to thank the Hamilton Medical Legal Society for having us, and look forward to further collaborative education of concussion rehabilitation in the Hamilton community! If you would like to see further events being held by the Hamilton Medical Legal Society, please visit

Cheryl Wylie Speaks on Temporomandibular Joint Rehabilitation

tmj-cover-croppedCheryl Wylie, Physiotherapy Practice Leader at Ross Rehabilitation spoke last month at the Hamilton & District Dental Hygienist Society (HDDHS) monthly meeting on September 14, 2016. She spoke about Temporomandibular Joint Rehabilitation, an area Ross Rehabilitation has had extensive experience in treating and educating the local community about.

The session reviewed various TMJ dysfunctions, the biomechanics behind TMJ clicking and locking, the role of physiotherapy in TMJ rehabilitation, and the role of hygienists in recognizing TMJ disorders and providing initial education to the patient. We were happy to see such a wonderful turnout and to be able to share our experience with TMJ rehabilitation with local healthcare providers.

imgresRehabilitation is done best with a team approach, so we were excited to spark such interest amongst Hamilton’s hygienists. Thank you again to HDDHS for the collaborative education opportunity. To find out more about future meetings or events held by the HDDHS, please visit

Ross Rehabilitation On The Green for HBIA Golf Tournament

Ross Rehabilitation Physiotherapy team members were on the green this past month in support of brain injury survivors, their families and caregivers for the HBIA Golf Tournament on August 9, 2016 at Copetown Woods Golf Club. We had the pleasure of golfing with Dave and Doug from CCXIT Computer Services, and got to meet Mr. Walter Gretzky! Ross Rehabilitation was also a Bronze Sponsor for the tournament.

The event was a huge success thanks to the dedicated volunteers and event coordinators. Thank you Hamilton Brain Injury Association for having us!


Now Offering Chronic Pain Management Program

Ross Rehabilitation now offers a Chronic Pain Management Program. Our Chronic Pain Education Program runs for four weeks, with the small group sessions being led by a Registered Physiotherapist and a Registered Occupational Therapist.

chronic-painContent includes:
  • physiology of the nervous system including a focus on nociception/pain pathways
  • nervous system sensitization (peripheral and central)
  • “Hurt vs Harm” (i.e. explanation of the poor causal relationship between tissue damage and pain)
  • graded activity exposure
  • relaxation and mindfulness techniques and physiological rationale
  • the role of stress in perpetuating a pain state
  • self-talk
  • activity-planning
  • proper sleep hygiene
The goal of this interdisciplinary education-based program is to:
  1. Provide patients with a sound knowledge and understanding of nature, mechanisms and neurophysiology of chronic pain.
  2. Educate patients to become aware of chronic pain management techniques and provide them with resources that they can pursue in more depth post-program, as required, with their treating therapist and/or other resources.

Strong evidence supports the use of a chronic pain education program for treatment of pain and dysfunction in the chronic pain population.


If you are interested in more information regarding Ross Rehabilitation’s Chronic Pain Education Program, please contact Maria Ross at or call (905) 777- 9838.

Enrollment for Pilates Classes Currently Open for Fall 2016!

Pilates-1024x683Enrollment for Pilates classes are currently open. Pilates features a series of exercises performed on a mat along with various pieces of equipment. This equipment is introduced to make exercise progressively more difficult.

In the beginner level classes, we concentrate on mastering the basic principles of Pilates and learning the essential exercises; focusing on trunk strength and coordinated movement. The intermediate mat class is designed for those who have mastered the basic level exercises and are looking for a greater challenge and an opportunity to further build core strength with more difficult exercises.


Merrithew Stott PilatesAt Ross Rehabilitation, we offer group mat classes at the beginner and intermediate levels, as well as private sessions. All classes are taught by certified Stott Pilates instructors.


Classes run in 10 week sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:45pm and will commence on September 6, 2016.
Please contact the clinic at (905) 777-9838 to enroll for our Fall 2016 Pilates Class.

Ross Rehab Hosts TMJ Lunch & Learn Sessions

tmj-cover-croppedRoss Rehabilitation has been conducting Lunch and Learn sessions in the community with local dentists, hygienists, and orthodontists to provide education on the role of physiotherapy with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) rehabilitation.

TMJ rehabilitation with a qualified physiotherapist is effective in managing and treating TMJ dysfunction. Physiotherapy focuses on education, neuromuscular exercises of the jaw and head/neck, manual therapy, and modalities including ultrasound and acupuncture.

To inquire about hosting a Lunch & Learn session at your business please contact Ross Rehabilitation’s Physiotherapy Practice Leader, Cheryl Wylie, at or call (905) 777-9838 for more information.

Cheryl Wylie will also be speaking at the Hamilton & District Dental Hygienist’s Society on September 14th, 2016 to educate local hygienists of the role of physiotherapy with TMJ rehabilitation. To find out more, visit